Year of the Panic [Remix Edition]

by Collin Kravis

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The debut EP has been expanded! This is the premium version of Year Of The Panic, which includes multitrack files for every song (included as hidden tracks - don't worry, they'll be there). Take it all apart and put it back together in upsetting ways, or just enjoy the deconstructive process. And of course, all the old favorite content is still included (namely, the Bandcamp-exclusive digital booklet).
Don't feel like getting that deeply involved? The FREE original version is still up - look around the page!
IMPORTANT: You'll be downloading a LOT of tracks - 65, to be exact. Please be patient. FLAC download will give you the best balance of quality and disk space (especially for remix purposes, for which lossless audio is recommended).


released October 6, 2012

Additional Mixing by Randy Nelsen for Pinegrove Records, Waterford, MI
Mastering by Ryan Thomas for Mixed Signals, Pontiac, MI
Original Album Release: March 8th, 2010
Original tracks uploaded at 96/24; Remix files uploaded at 44/16



Track Name: The New American Standard
The New American Standard

And we’re all enthralled by the television
And we gather round for the late edition
You’re so understanding
What America has been demanding
Yeah, you must be God ‘cause you know everything
It’s almost positively pornographic
When you’re attractive to the right demographic
You’re so mild-mannered
You’re the new American standard
Give us your commandments, ‘cause we’re listening
We’ve lost it all
So small
We crack
If they sold us out, well can’t you buy us back?
We need your help
To take the reins
Or I could cut my losses and just
Cut my veins.

And we’re all enthralled by your publications
You almost had us fooled about your reputation
You’re so charismatic
The epitome of automatic
You didn’t think that we would ever turn on you
Now we know just how bad we’re bleeding
And we’re getting sick of history repeating
You’re so mild-mannered
And accepting of the double standard
Well, if you can be a slut, then I can be one too!

If you’re so smart
Then you should know
Exactly where you’re going to go
It’s obvious what you’re going to get
It’s just too bad you haven’t got it yet.
Let’s drop this bomb
And get out now
There wasn’t gonna be a savior anyhow
And you can be the first
By popular poll
You’re gonna start the nationwide death toll.

You’re the new American standard
You’re gonna burn out soon
Track Name: Nothing Going Right
Nothing Going Right

I’m feelin’ violated
With no just cause
I’m feeling twice as good
But I’m half the man I was
I am unrecognizable
Don’t you know the type?
I let it all collapse
And it feels so goddamn nice.

Nothing’s going right.

How did it all get so big
That I couldn’t get it all any more?
I’m open to submission.
Please feel free to use me like your –

I can’t open my eyes
‘Cause then I’ll decide
That I’m just running all out of time
I’ve got a bad, bad feeling I just can’t shake
Scared of your surprise
Now that I’m awake
Nobody wins
When everything rots
Hollow on the inside, ready or not
I’m sorry for the shouting and the messy display
But it’s all in line. You don’t care anyway.

I’m loving every minute
I’m scared as hell
I love your decadence
Your philosophy as well
If you are very quiet
And very still
The sky will open up
And you deserve to get what you will
Ready to kill
All of my fears
And all of my lies
Have all become truth
Tucked safely inside
You’ve beaten me down
And I have decayed
No one will clean
This mess you made

Can I stop the lies?
Are you satisfied?
Track Name: Caffeine

You’ve got an ice-cold stare and a glossy sheen
You’ve got a beautiful smile made of plasticine
You’ve got a picture of your tits in a magazine
You’ve got your arm hooked up to a death machine

When you’re feeling down, you can take caffeine
But you know that won’t solve everything.

Are you feeling strange? Are you lost between?
Have you seen what’s better left unseen?
Have you beaten it down, but you feel unclean?
Nobody’s gonna help you kill the fiend.

When you’re feeling down, you can take caffeine
But you know that won’t solve everything.

Get the girl to a doctor, she’s obscene!
And her skin is turning the palest green
Aren’t you droll when you fake gangrene?
Well, it looks like you’re the punctured queen.

When you’re feeling down, you can take caffeine
But you know that won’t solve everything.
Track Name: Remember This
Remember This

Here we lie, here we writhe
The policy was not on our side
We wanted to feel anything new
But we were too apathetic to move
I was a glutton
Now I cannot breathe
Do I suffocate when I do not speak?
And I don’t believe anyone cared for me
‘Cause I’m still here
And I don’t feel like I’m supposed to
Did you think I do?

And I could be all night
And I could be all day
And I could leave you alone
Until I’m over this
And I could say these things
And make it go away
Could you stay?
I can remember this

All my life, all this time
Waiting never felt so fine
I don’t care if you lied
I’m still waiting by your side
We lost control of the expanse
It grows and swallows all our plans
And I can’t believe I ever felt this free
With no one here
All that I wanted was to be paralyzed
And just shut my eyes

And I could be all night
And I could be all day
And I could leave you alone
Until I’m over this
And I could say these things
And make it go away
Could you stay?
I can remember this

Stay inside and watch the drain
Swirls of color slipping in

I can remember this.
Track Name: Entropy

Did you hear about the outbreak?
Yes, it finally came
And I’ll see you in the sewer
If I see you again
Maybe you can ignore
The horrible stench
When the myriad miracles come to an end.

Don’t you love the unexpected? 
The wicked?
The ticket
To the transport fleeing from the crumbling village
When they made you
You got innocent eyes
And enough of a brain
To know that something’s not right
We tried
To fight
To wash it aside
But the punishment came
Completely justified

The storms, the forms,
The swells and the calms
A black curtain of bombs,
Enough to block out the sun
I fell face first into a river of blood
But I’m a national hero for surviving the flood
I could be hailed as a seer, the one who will lead,
But it’s not the sort of famous that I wanted to be
Looking through glass
Broken at last
Naked and painted
And losing my grasp
You can laugh
And gasp
As I twitch and convulse
The veins all expanding to the beat of a pulse
I want to start again, but I’m hardly fit
The world is going…gone
Deal with it

I’m an exquisite machine
Built specifically to malfunction
And I apologize
But I don’t quite feel sane
I am convinced that I’ve got the plague
I feel stupid, but I’m still afraid
There has got to be another way

I’m amazed at the denial of all that is vile and divine
You can sing, you can dance
Or put your thumb in your ass and whine
We can’t advance when there is no goal
Don’t fuck around, I am not in control
I’m just a cynical shithead
And I’m not committed at all
All the things you said
All the things you did
I would be a rebel if I just knew what it is
Is anybody home?
Are you stuck in the sky?
There is no hope for you
And I
And I
I am the young
And the unimpressed
Born into your slavery and ready for your death
I’m pirating your breath
Replacing it instead
With all the shit you fed me and implanted in my head
The past is meaningless
It only sickens us
I don’t know why you think I’m blessed
This is not a test
Get your Sunday best
We’re gonna burn it all down till there’s nothing left.

Let us open the wound
Let the bleeding begin
Because you cannot conceive
Of all the beauty within
Now I understand what they said was true
And they’re splitting the world
Because they failed to choose
The gap is ever wider
And it’s too late now
Being eaten alive is the only way out
I will never reveal the truth
I cannot bear to say what happens to you.