Thank You For Hiring The Mentally Ill

by Collin Kravis

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After nearly two years, the first full-length release by Collin Kravis is finally complete. Features 13 new tracks that invite you to get lost along the way - break out the headphones in a cold, dark room and treat yourself for an hour. This Bandcamp edition features an exclusive 12-page digital booklet including lyrics and original artwork to complete the experience. Additionally, the Bandcamp release is the ONLY one taken from the original studio-quality files - audiophiles rejoice!


released November 20, 2011

Mixing and mastering: Kevin Sharpe for Metro 37 Studios, Rochester Hills, MI

Art direction: Marie LaRose



Track Name: The Aimless Militia
I can’t sleep ‘cause it feels painless
Bash my head on the wall when I’m aimless
Bleeding from the wrist
Someone less than this
You won’t like it when you see who he really is

Caved in and giving out
We need to stop, but we’re never allowed
You break down when I ignore you
If you don’t give a shit, I can’t give one for you

You’ve done nothing but force feed me
If I started to choke, would you even believe me?
You don’t give demands
You don’t tell me when
I’ve got plans
And you won’t ruin them again

No cure and no remorse
When you’re too old for a beautiful corpse
My mission is to disappoint you
Don’t give a shit?
Well I think I’ll join you
Track Name: Echolalia
“Wake up,” she said to me
After surgery
We made the world correct,
Fixed your injury

Echolalia, my sweet dementia
I swear to God I’m not insane
I repeat the words I hear
‘Cause no one pays attention

The sun is shining through
Over bandaged eyes
We use our knowledge up
And we vaporize
These days I’m sticking to myself
Nearly all the time
I’m staying warm inside
You won’t change my mind

Plastic bags and paper plates
No one cares what they say
I just want to disengage
It’s so safe in a cage
Oh, you don't care
Why do you bother?
I finally thought my thoughts were important
Only when they scared me
I’m the only one to recover
Track Name: Stairs
I thought there wasn’t going to be another test
Talk all you like, but I refuse
Waking to the call, walk into the wall
And now there’s nothing left to do.
People can adapt to live in different ways
I just hallucinate for days.

Are you uncomfortable?
I don’t believe you are.
Are you invisible?
I don’t believe you are.
The future is your fault.
I don’t believe you know.
Who do you think you are?
I don’t believe you know.

Am I supposed to be impressed?
Are you the darling of the media?
I’m well aware of how you can’t have it all
You need to get me to a hospital

Are you uncomfortable?
I don’t believe you are.
Are you invisible?
I don’t believe you are.
Are you an animal?
I don’t believe you know.
And my attack could come
At any time at all.

You spoon-fed me my happiness
Now all my meaning’s meaningless
I hear a million little voices say to me
“Obedience got you nowhere but here”

Why do you keep on trying to live so long
When you devote your skills to hurting everyone?
Living in collapse, admitting self-defeat
Is just the mantra I repeat.

I don’t know what you’re looking for
I’m not your suicidal project any more
I’m just so dumb and unprepared
I can’t stop falling down the stairs
I can’t stop falling down the stairs
I can’t stop falling down
Track Name: Like The Animals
I will take you far inside
Let you see how you’re composed
I will cut the center down
Little drops into the snow

There’s a chemical within
Telling me to fall apart
And it makes us all behave
Like the animals we secretly are

There’s a chemical within
And it will not be controlled
I can feel the surface crack
What you’re asking is impossible
Track Name: When You Evolve
Smart boys
Get so annoyed with life.
All thought
Will paralyze your mind.
We will be systematic
We will find your weakness
You will be pacified
With comfort and convenience
And when you get a taste of waste
You’ll want to waste the whole damn thing.
Soft eyes and a softer head
Just to end the suffering.

When you evolve
What do you become?
Are you more than one?
Are you no one?
With technology
I have everything
I am the god you seek
You’ll never question me.
(Accept what you’ve become
Stay down ‘cause we’re keeping you dumb)

Smart girls
Get wasted all the time
Broke down
Used and objectified
The masses will imbibe
No thought
Why would you even try?
Your life will melt away
As proof of obsolescence
The upper echelon
Will answer all your questions
And if you get out of line
We’ve got someone to take your place
You’ll sell us all your rights
Until you get erased.

What you want is not relief.
It’s a kick in the teeth.

What do you become?
Burn just like you fucking wanted.
Track Name: Whatever You Want
Step down, don’t embarrass yourself
You stumble like an amateur
If I put you in a suit, gave you something to do
It wouldn’t even register

I can tell you what your problems are
And you deserve to listen to it all
You think slow and insignificant
With no potential to be cognizant

You’re so pathetic, you’re so pathetic
‘Cause you assume that you can get whatever you want

I’ve got the power of the law
With the strength of my jaw
My will is fully exercised
If you ever disagree
You can take it from me,
Your punishment is justified
I’ve got the power of demand
With the back of my hand
And a million dollars trailing behind
With every bone
You will know what I own
Your life is just a toy of mine

Human progress marches on and on
And every once in a while
You will step in a pile
Of shit.

Nobody said you were wrong
But you know that you’re wrong.
And I will be there
To remind you of the pain
And the way you complain
Is just a message you are sending
That you assume that you can get whatever you want.

Every single person has a price
On their dignity. All it takes is time.
And I will find it.
I’ll discover yours.
Track Name: Get On The Line
I’ve had enough of your experiments
I want to drown for an audience
Your patience I can’t understand
Seeing how ungrateful I have been
I know you’re a subscriber to the feeling of loss
And you practice your compassion without any cause
Always holding your hand out in clemency
I know it’s poison
Who do you think you are?
You can’t fool me.

You have no higher power
Who keeps you from repeating
All your petty little errors
You just resort to cleaning up
When little pieces of your head fall out
And little pieces of your mind fall out

The damage is inevitable,
The mission is a delicacy,
So permanently defined
Get on the line.

And I’ve been there
And I’ve seen the place
Your dreams went to die
And you’re frivolous and pointless
And you’re always denied
I would rather be pretending
Because I’m better without
All the spasms, the amalgam
Of neurosis and doubt
You are faithful till it’s painful
Like a dog on a leash
I can watch it slowly kill you
You’ve been grinding your teeth
They have given me instructions
I cannot understand
We will stand in line for judgment
And the fall of the hand

If you are living lost in a sea
With no energy
And if you are deluded enough
To believe it works out all right
Get on the line.

I know exactly who my problem is.
I know his name and where he fucking lives.
The resolution is self-evident.
I have to give myself the punishment.
Track Name: Eyes Of The Insane
I was young and vibrant
Nothing left to learn
Had no will to defy
Because the world was mine
Now I’m an old man
With a dead-eyed stare

Watching summers freezing up
And dry to nothing
Making friends with my disease
It’s all I need
Now I’m an old man
With a dead-eyed stare

It’s our fate to be related
Taciturn and sated
With the purest inner sanctum
In the houses that we came from

Shaking hands and stumbling thoughts
And the inner peace is gone
On and on, one by one
Someone’s at the foot of the bed
And she hides her face
I believe I never loved her
But I don’t want to remember

Sorry I can’t do more for you
Here it comes

Did you really think we’d make it?
Taciturn and sated
And the life I live is heinous
With the eyes of the insane
Track Name: Opener
Take a picture while you’re here
Make sure you never forget
Give the crowd just a little bit
Speaking in tongues, covered in sweat
Little fingers get inside
Through the fence and through the walls
Through the mouth and down the throat
When they know you’re being false

The water expands
And opens up the cracks in your hands
It kills me to know
I’ve got nothing to show

I can light myself on fire
Some excitement for the eye
I would sabotage my body
If you didn’t think the scars were just a lie
I gave in to my frustration
Just to stop the endless smile
I can live in purest ecstasy
Just as long as you remain in denial

The feelings distort
I’m living just to hurt myself more
It kills me to know
I’ve got nothing to show

This chemical burn
Goes on until I’m ragged and worn
You’re all I can lose
I’ll be nothing for you

It kills me to know
I’ve got nothing
Track Name: Dollar Pills
Stop now and give me back all the secrets that you took
I’ll keep it off the record if it keeps me off the hook
I’ve seen your crowd control; I don’t like the way it looks

Who says I’m missing out when I won’t participate?
I sleep beneath your seat and avoid the face-to-face
I’m relaxed
I’m detached
You’ll be lucky if you see me intact.

And as I build my castle to the sky
I wonder why
The clouds have got so low today
And roll out with the tide
I'm watching storms from the other side.

With your illicit imperfections taking hold
You will be the second part of me that I can’t control
I see everyone slow me down
I see the flaws in the system.
When the TV shows all scream your name
Who the fuck are you to pretend you don’t hear them?

And with these dollar pills
I buy my life,
The pesticide
That kills the thoughts that ruin
And destroy me from inside.
I want the day without the night.

And all your problems, they just slow me down.

Watch my troubles get so far away.
Track Name: Pressed On The Fence
Shield the children’s eyes
Do not let them walk along the dotted yellow line.
A shadow clutched a chain link fence
Along the asphalt drive
He doesn’t seem alive
In the field where you once found me
In the growing dark I’m left behind
There is nothing left to do
Except apologize

I wish you believed in science
I wish I believed in anything
I wish our reality was not so prone to turning into dreams
No surprise I feel so anxious
Everything just moves too fast for me
I didn’t see your lips
What did you say?

Like the acrid taste of metal
Shocking yet familiar the pattern presses in
Closely guarding all my secrets
Walled behind my cold unfeeling skin
I will let you all discover
Leave behind your ignorance
Time to grow up, time to think
Pressed upon the fence
Track Name: The Concave
What a mess
What a goddamn mess this has become
We’re ill
And no one knows just who we are
This is all
The one time I say I’m sorry
So get out
Get out before things get ugly

And if it feels strange
I bet it feels stranger on the next wave
I bet you’re not a stranger to the concave
With everything reflecting in the wrong way

And I watched you ruin all that you’ve been given
And I swear to God, some days you look subhuman
I’ve found
The very last way I can go
I didn’t realize I’ve felt all this before

Give it just a bit more time
I’ll get it right
All wrong this time.
No more questions
Nothing left to learn
You take what you want
I will only bring you down

And if it feels strange
I bet it feels stranger on the next wave
And if you get a glimpse into the floodgates
Then this will be the final thing that I say.