from by Collin Kravis

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And it’s all a farce, I know,
And it’s all a joke
(Everything shines like goldmines
Everything rises in its own time)
Yeah you’re such a mystery
Yeah you’re such a tease
(Wonder that lasts a lifetime
Everything rises in its own time)
Yeah, I know what you like
Yeah I know you lie
(Someone else’s son
Not the real one)
Who am I?
Can’t have pleasure all the time
Feeling safe like it’s your birthright

Taking what I want
And leaving what I want
(What’ll you do tomorrow?
Filling that hollow shell inside you)
Over laying low
Over “just enjoy the ride”
(Really, I’m alive
Really, I’m inside)
What’ll you find?
Really, I don’t mind
Maybe next time
But not this time

When you’re god,
Nothing hurts at all
Have a laugh
As time dissolves
And loses meaning
All alone
Nowhere left to go
With the cheap bravado
Who’d you think you’re fooling?

I could just as soon
Be here and just as soon
be gone
Better save your breath
This is not about what you want

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from Practical Effect, released January 29, 2016